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The next Rossville High
School Alumni
Association meeting TBA

All alumni are invited.

Tentative date
February 12th 2011
Valentine Sock Hop
sponsored by RHSAA

Tentative Dates and Events

"2nd Annual
Rossville Homecoming"
Sponsored by the
Rossville High School
Alumni Association
"United We Stand"

June 2rd 2011
Kicking off with the
"3nd Annual Ridgeland
Education Fund Golf
by RHSAA at Battlefield Golf
& Country Club

June 3rd 2011
7PM - 9PM
"Rossville Community
Meet and Greet"
in the Alumni Conference
Room at the Rossville
Athletic Center.

June 4th 2011
Noon - 4PM
Inside the Rossville Athletic
Center the
"Rossville High
School All Class Reunion."

1PM - 7PM
Outdoors at the Rossville
Athletic Center
"Rossville Community

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Associates of Arts in
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Records degree from the
University of Phoenix
on 12/31/2009.
Commencement will be on
June 20th, 2010, at the
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Turner Businesses Services
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Monday May 24th
Rossville landmark reopens
Chattanooga Times Free Press Editorial
Rossville Athletic Center getting a facelift
by Scott Herpst Catwalkchatt.com
Wednesday May 26th
Rossville High School Class of 1960 had
their 50th Reunion on Friday May the 21st at
the newly renovated Rossville Athletic Center.
We had 130 in attendance including eight of
our former teachers. The following day we
had a    luncheon at Pier II and then took an
afternoon cruise on the Southern Belle.
Photo at this link
The renovated alumni room and the
foyer were used for the actual event
culminating one year of planning and 90
days of renovation by our class on the
facility. The Alumni association was
instrumental in making this a great
success and presented the Class of
1960 with a commemorative plaque to
praise the work that we did and to
continue to "Be Rossville". The school
officially closed in 1989 with its last class
and merged with Chattanooga Valley to
become Ridgeland High School.
Thanks to the Mayor of  Rossville - Johnny Baker, Walker
County Commissioner- Bebe Haskell, Rossville Athletic
Director - Stump Martin, Alumni  Presidents Sherman Ross
(09)  and Bobby McNabb (2010),  & Rossville Council member
Teddy Harris for their continuing support in this renovation
process leading up to the reunion . Their leadership and
encouragement has rendered a facility that can be used by
the community for many years to come

The Alumni Group will now be hosting an all class reunion on
June 3 with a golf tournament, and the 4th and 5th with sock
hop and outdoor events at the Rossville Athletic Center
managed by Stump Martin.  The community is invited to
participate on the events of the 4th and 5th as the newly
renovated Alumni Room , Foyer, and Gymnasium are

Regards and Thank You Very Much.

Bob Rose-RHS Class of 1960
Wednesday June 2nd
Repaving begins for Rossville’s McFarland Avenue
by Matt Ledger Catwalkchatt.com
Sunday June 6th
The Rossville Homecoming was a great
success. The three day event is the biggest
yet organized by the Rossville High School
Alumni Association. Winners of the Golf
Tournament will be posted at a later date.
2011 tentative dates now posted in the left
hand column.
Check back for more details later....
Monday June 7th
Rossville Downtown Development Authority

JUNE 9, 2010
Time: 11:45 to Noon:
Meet and Greet • Noon to 1:00:
Lunch and Program
Sponsored by:
Flegal Insurance and Community National Bank
Location: Simpson Memorial Church,
Corner of McFarland Ave. and Maple St.
• Develop Business Plan & Vision •
Create desirable business ventures
RSVP 423-280-1412 or ronwade@rdda-rossville.com


JUNE 10, 2010
Time: 5:00 to 6:30
Location: Rossville Alumni
Conference Room,
Rossville Athletic Center

Design: Improvements, reinvestments, attractiveness
Economic Restructuring: Favorable economic atmosphere
Organizational Aspects: Guide Main Street Program
Promotional Aspects: Excitement, bring people to Rossville

JUNE 12, 2010
Time: 10:00 to 12:00
Location: John Ross House and Lake Area
• Participate in a moderate cleanup event •
Visit a business & invite them to join us •
Develop ideas to revitalize this scenic area •
Young Professional Organization will join us •
Special T-Shirts for the first 25 volunteers •
Children are encouraged to participate •
Make Rossville a better hometown for our children &


Historic John Ross House in Rossville reopens to visitors
by Matt Ledger Catwalkchatt.com
Rossville Downtown Develepment Authority
Turner Businesses Services
Thursday June 10th
Senators visit
Primary Health Care Center in Rossville
Friday June 11th
Rossville High School Class of 1960
holds 50th reunion
Thursday June 24th
McFarland Avenue Repaved
Walker County Govt. Website
Hot summer days are here along with vacations.

Let us know what your class, club,
or organization is doing this summer.

Email announcements, news, articles, or opinions
to  BN@oakleaf.us or PR@oakleaf.us
Peerless Review
Saturday June 26th

Cowgirl up!  1981 RHS Grad Suzanne Howard

By: Yolanda Putman CTFP
Wednesday June 30th
Ridgeland hopes for dry field with new turf
By Timothy Bradfield Correspondent CTFP
Thursday July 8th
Rossville resident wins national recipe contest
by Christi McEntyre Catwalkchatt.com
Lisa's Gold & Diamonds
Harris Remodeling
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Sunday July 18th
Rossville Masonic Lodge holds
fundraising car show  

The Rossville Masonic Lodge No. 397
is continuing its support of Ridgeland High School.

The lodge is sponsoring
a Car Show on July 31
at the Rossville Athletic
Center, at 500 Williams
St., with all proceeds
going to the Ridgeland
High Scholarship Fund.

The event will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. rain or shine with
live entertainment and prizes awarded for the top 5 in
the Open Car, Open Truck and Open Motorcycle
classes. A total of 17 awards will be presented,
including Master’s Choice and People’s Choice.

For more information on the car show, contact
Lamar Henley at 423-309-3014.
E-mail Stump Martin at stumponsports@aol.com
(Headlines Continue Below)
(Headlines Continue Below)
Tuesday July 20th
Hi,  Teddy, i went to Rossville High,
left there in 1965, navy 4 4 yrs, station
on the west coast, got out & stay, life
has been good, was at your 2002
reunion, people new me , but i didnt
know them, so how are thing in Rossville, myself live in
Springville Ca, small country town, in the foothills of
Sequoia national park, been here for 24 yr, a lot like
Rossville , but without the humidity, i am about 250
miles of Los Angles, 90 miles from Fresno, in a
mountain town, about 3ooo people
Rudy Payne
Rossville Alumni living in Springville CA
~~ Rossville High School Alumni Association
Meeting this evening (07/20/2010) at the RAC
in the Alumni Conference Room. 6 PM ~~
Wednesday July 21st
~~ Condolences
to the Family of Council Member Nathan Bain ~~
Friday July 22nd
Rossville council member Bain dies
By: Andy Johns Chattanooga Times Free Press

Rossville council member Nathan Bain dies
by Matt Ledger Catwalkchatt.com

Nathan Bain Obituary CTFP
(Headlines Continue Below)
Peerless Review Advertising Rates
Donna Cates Affiliate Broker
Sunday July 24th
Tenant/ landlord:
"Battle Brewing at Peerless Mill"
by Amy Morrow WRCB TV

Received the following email

Hey Teddy, can you post out Class of 1990 reunion in the
Bulldog news letter. I have all the information below.

We have reserved the ball room at the Double Tree Hotel in
downtown ...Chattanooga for the October 16th Saturday night
event starting at 5:00 PM til 11:00 PM. We will be having food
during these times. I visited the hotel Sunday and I think it will
be perfect for our reunion. The price will be $35.00 per
person. I would ask at this time for you to send me your
payment so I can put a deposit on the hotel ASAP. Please
send payments to the following address below. Please make
checks payable to Ridgeland Class of 1990. If you have any
questions please let me know.

The Ridgeland reunion folks that are planning to stay at the
Double Tree Hotel the weekend of the reunion can book their
room now using this 3 letter group code for your room block is:
RHR. Using this code will get you a discount on a hotel room.

Also, there is a designated "smoking" floor (3rd floor) for any
guests who would like to have a smoking room. There are also
outside patio areas where smoking is permitted.

Also keep in mind the we are also planning to go to the
Ridgeland Homecoming football game Friday night October
the 15th for a family night.

Contact at
John Fine
2777 Lafayette Road
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
Ridgeland High School
Class of 1990
October 16th 2010
Contact John Fine
2777 Lafayette Road
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
Saturday July 31st
ROSSVILLE: Lunch program a huge success by
Stump Martin Chattanooga Times Free Press
Friday August 6th
The City of Rossville will be
having a Special Election
September 21st. To fill the seat
of the Honorable Nathan Bain.

Qualifying will be August 9th, 10th and till noon
on August the 11th. For more information contact
the City Clerk's office.

Dilapidated building collapses
in Rossville

Rossville babysitter charged with scalding
by Josh O'Bryant Catwalkchatt.com
Rossville will take a bite out of urban blight
(Headlines Continue Below)
Falcon Frost Publications
Turner Businesses Services
H & H Furniture
Thursday August 12th
4 qualify for special election in Rossville
By: Andy Johns Chattanooga Times Free Press
Friday August 27th
Mill owner files warrants against Rossville chief
By: Joy Lukachick Chattanooga Times Free Press

Rossville mill owner seeking
arrest warrant on police chief
by Josh O’Bryant Catwalkchatt.com

North GA man accuses
Rossville Police Chief of theft
WRCB Megan Boatwright
Tuesday September 7th
RHS Class of 1975 35th Reunion at the gym (RAC)
September 25 from 2:00 - 6:30. Free.
Donations to RHS Alumni Association encouraged.
Bo McDaniel   bo_mcdaniel@yahoo.com

Rossville apartment
residents lose everything in fire
WRCB Megan Boatwright
Friday September 10th
Two men charged in
Peerless Mill dispute

Rossville mill owner and former tenant arrested
by Matt Ledger Catwalkchatt.com

Ex-tenant, mill landlord face charges
By: Joy Lukachick Chattanooga Times Free Press